Virus hidden within Voicemail email attachment

Here is an example of how you might get a virus infection on your computer.

This one is a virus hidden inside a zip file which claims to be a voicemail message sent to your email inbox.

Be very careful with ALL emails attachments – especially if you are not expecting any attachments.

You should be very cautious of email attachments from people you know as it is very easy for “the bad guys” to spoof the sender’s email address so it looks like a message from someone you know. As I said be very cautious of ALL attachments.

Below is a screenshot showing an example of this a Voicemail virus message. If you get anything like this – do NOT open the .zip file as it is most probably contains a virus.

DO NOT OPEN ZIP FILE ATTACHMENTS that you are not expecting – just delete the email.

We cannot tell you about every virus scam in the world but hopefully this example will help to keep you ON YOUR GUARD.