Spam event invitations appearing in iOS and MacOS calendar

Here is something new from our Phishy Spammer Scammer friends.

Event invitations suddenly popping up in your iOS and MacOS iCloud calendars with random shopping links for UGG boots and other stuff you don’t want and don’t need.

This is an ingenious way for Spammer Scammers to confirm that your email address is active. If you Decline or Accept then a notification is automatically sent back to the sender. Even if you Decline! This means that the Spammer Scammer has confirmation that the account is “live and active” and you are then bombarded with more spam, scams and phishing messages.

The thing is there isn’t an email in your inbox associated with the invitation – they just appear straight into your calendar – so you cannot just delete an email and be rid of them.

So how do you get rid of these nuisance event invitations without acknowledging them to the Spammer Scammer?

Well first you need to make sure that you don’t get any more, so we have to head to!

Step 1 – Plug the leak

You need to plug the hole in which allows people to send calendar invites directly into your iCloud calendar.

  1. Login to
  2. Go to Calendar
  3. then the Gear icon (bottom left) and select Preferences
  4. Then click the Advanced tab
  5. and under the Invitations heading change the radio button from In-app notifications to Email to…your email address.


Changing event invitations to Email will stop these things going straight into your calendar. Calendar invitations will now go to your Inbox where they can be filtered / junked / deleted.

Step 2 – Clean up the mess

Okay this is a little involved.

You will need to:

  1. Create a new Calendar in iCloud  (NOT On my Mac)
  2. Name the new Calendar something that you will recognise as something to delete in the future eg 2B-deleted
  3. Go to the Calendar App on your Mac computer.
  4. Double click the Spam event in your calendar – it will be in a grey hashed block in your MacOS Calendar app
  5. Move the event to your new (2B-deleted) calendar by clicking the dropdown option in the Calendar window
  6. Once you have move all the Spammer Scammer events to 2B-deleted
  7. In the Calendar app on your Mac – right click 2B-deleted calendar and select Delete



  8. A dialogue box will pop up asking whether you want to:
    Delete & notify or Delete & don’t notify [spam originator]
  9. I strongly suggest you click Delete & don’t notify !

Hope this proves useful