Getting Started

You have got your new computer and you are planning to use it for everything!

Email, web browsing, photographs, music – oh and work documents … hmm bother … should have put “work” right at the beginning of that list shouldn’t we … hey ho. ¬†Well it is out there now!

Yes let’s face it – we always justify the expense of a new computer with all the “work” we are going to do, but then there is all the fun stuff which quite frankly is far more important.

Important in several ways.

  1. Fun stuff is …. well fun! And that is really important
  2. Music defines who you are and it took ages to build that collection up in the first place
  3. Photos are snapshots of all the fun times you have had with friends and family

Work stuff is also important but not as much as fun stuff. If you lost that budget proposal that you had spent a couple of hours working on, it would be annoying, yes but it’s not the end of the world. A couple of hours and you can retype it. But delete your photos folder with all the holiday snaps when the children were young or that friend’s party with that amazing video clip of John pinging an elastic band that put out a lit candle! – which promptly toppled over the other candles and setting fire to the artificial flowers. Priceless!

So you know what I’m going to talk about by now don’t you? ¬†… yes that’s right … here it comes …. BACKUPS!

So what is your Backup plan?

A guide to the guides


This sections covers all things backing up and saving your world.