What is your backup plan?

Everyone needs a backup plan – but what is it?

A backup is AT LEAST a second copy of your stuff

So a backup plan is a series of safeguards you put in place that allows you to get back to where you were before things went wrong. Yeah right – Yawn! … blah blah blah.

Okay planning for disaster is a bit paranoid, but ask anyone who has actually lost their stuff and your attitude soon changes – they certainly don’t want to lose anything ever again! However, when you have been burnt the first time you tend to overreact and then you do become paranoid!

So – let’s start getting a plan together before you lose stuff and then you won’t get into that awful paranoid state where you go overboard of precautions.

Where to start – here are some places to save your important digital life :

  • Online Cloud Backup Services

  • External Hard Disks

  • USB Memory Sticks

  • DVDs

Go to the Backing up your computer page for more information and options.