Basics – Find your MAC Address in 10 seconds!

You may be asked by an IT person for your computer’s “MAC Address”.

This is the Physical Address on your computer’s network adapter – whether that is your Wired Ethernet adapter or your Wireless adapter.

Here is a┬áreally easy method lets you find ALL your computer’s MAC Addresses (Wired and Wireless) in 10 seconds!

Microsoft Windows

This method works on Windows 10 (and all versions of Windows back to Windows 7).

At a Command Prompt just type:

getmac -v

This will list ALL your network adapters with a user-friendly name so you can easily get ALL your Wired Ethernet and WiFi physical addresses in one place.

Watch this video for Microsoft Windows:

Mac OS X

On Mac OS X you can find your MAC Address in the Network section of System Preferences.

Just select the network adapter you are interested in (wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi) and click the Advanced… button in the bottom right. Another dialogue box will appear and you can select the Hardware tab where you will find an entry for your adapter’s MAC Address.

Here is a video for Apple Mac OS X:

Hope you find the videos above useful.

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