Turn back the clock

Apple Time Machine and Microsoft Backup

Apple Mac OS X has a built-in backup program called Time Machine – silly name but nifty program.

All you need is an external USB hard disk.

  1. Plug external USB hard disk in to your Mac
  2. You will ask if you want to use it as a backup device – just say Yes!
  3. Now every time you connect the Time Machine hard disk to your Mac it will backup your stuff. Cool!
    • If you leave the Time Machine disk connected it will back up your stuff every hour
    • If you disconnect the Time Machine disk your Mac will remind you to reconnect and backup after about 10 days

Microsoft Windows Vista and 7 have a similar backup program but it doesn’t have a silly name – its just called Backup. Still very handy to have when your delete something or your hard disk fails.

Again you need an external USB hard disk for Microsoft Backup.