Online Cloud Backup Services

An Online Backup Service is a service that copies your files to a secure location somewhere on the Internet – this has been popularly named “Cloud Backup”.

Here are some Cloud Services that I highly recommend – mainly because I use them.

  • CrashPlan+ – Continuous online offsite and onsite backups. “Free” and “Pay For” options –

  • DropBox – 2GB free backup and syncing between devices. Refer some friends and get more storage –

  • Google Drive – 5GB free document storage for Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PDFs and many other file formats. Also unlimited storage for Google’s own word processing and spreadsheet document formats. Google Drive includes document syncing between computers – Google Drive

  • Microsoft SkyDrive – 7GB free online storage and syncing of notes, documents, video and photos – Microsoft SkyDrive

  • You can even save Microsoft Office 2010 documents directly to SkyDrive

Other Cloud Backup Vendors that are worth looking checking out.